HeWhoWatchesOverSteel6So many have fallen for the magic and the beauty of Oregon’s North Umpqua river and its steelhead. Some keep coming back, doing their pilgrimage year after year, others have made roots in or near the valley and cannot possibly live in any other place. One of those is Lee Spencer, a very special man, who after years of fishing North Umpqua Steelhead on a fly, has converted into becoming the watcher of Big Bend Pool in Steamboat Creek, the main spawning tributary for North Umpqua Steelhead and off limits to anglers.

During the migration season, Lee and his faithful and beautiful dog Maggie keep a close eye on the fish in that very famous pool in the creek, welcoming visitors every day . Eric Arbogast and his Mrs have had the chance to meet and fish with Lee in the main river, who, for the sake of the fish, only uses flies with clipped points… no need for Lee to hook the fish any more.

You’re gonna find two great footages of this exceptional character: HERE

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLXkRsa9wzI]

Further information on North Umpqua’s conservation measures and its legendary status among fly fishermen worldwide can be had at North Umpqua.org and also at Steamboaters.org