Roger Riddle : MercyRoger Riddle is one of the DJ’s we’re keeping an eye on. Today you’re going to be able to download (if you use THIS) a nugget from the mine of hip hop groove: MERCY (Abstract) ! You’re going to drive more than usual, you’re going to be awake longere, you’re going to thank us for that amazing mixtape ! Have a good week end!

Playlist –>

1. Gasoline by The Alpine
2. Woman, Etc. (King Most Redirection) by Nina Simone x Francis & The Lights
3. ETC. by Francis & The Lights
4. Bada Bing by Dangerdoom
5. One Fifty by Ethel Cee
6. Rosebuds by Sa-Ra
7. Winning Hand by Bilal
8. Two More Dead by RJD2
9. Lumdi by Camp Lo
10. Lightworks by J Dilla
11. Loud & Clear (Clean Version) by Kid Capri feat. Lost Boyz
12. Tom Boy by Electric Wire Hustle
13. Dollar by Steve Spacek
14. Don’t Say Nuthin by The Roots
15. All the Time by A Race of Angels
16. Dancing Machine (Daniel Crawford Remix) by Jackson 5
17. Worth It by Ammoncontact (feat Abstract Rude)
18. Spook by The Earlyman feat Steve Spacek
19. The Pinnacle of Class & Taste by Diggs Duke
20. Eple by Royksopp
21. More Than by Amp Fiddler