I’ve had an opportunity to spend some quality time with a big piece of red carbon, the kind of treat I just cannot pass. I thought I had to share some of it with you. To tell the truth, I was first interested in the Method because of its ancestry. The series replaces the TCX, and Mike Surtees’ TCX 790-4 had been one of the biggest crush / love at first loop of my fly life. Pure mass murder. So I was wondering how a Method would compare. Obviously, it would have been better to test a 790, but you know what to do when life gives you lemons.

Another very good reason to spend time with the 7100 is how difficult it is to find good blanks in greater lengths. I know of a couple of three kopeks 6’6 sticks that will give superb rods. At 9′, you still don’t have to sell a kidney to get a high level rod, but it’s getting tight. At 10′ and above, most of what the market offers feels in my hands like heavy noodles, not necessarily the grandest of experiences. Considering Sage’s reputation, it’s worth to see what they can do.

So, I’ll get back to this in a couple of episode, so that I can get into the details. NExt time we’ll begin discussing the factory build from a rodbuilder’s perspective. Stay tunedsage7100b