(This one will maybe ease the wainting for the last part of the METHOD 7100 review…)

David Maillard, a good friend of us who roams in the beautiful French Isère region, fell in love. He was testing a Method 590, and he decided to marry her. Err, it. We’re a little worried about his mental health, but then when nobody’s worried about your mental health, you’re in big trouble and you’re not fishing enough anyway. Big thanks to our friends at Ardent Fly, without whom those tests would not have been possible.

A note for the usual grinches: no, our opinion has not been bought, and if David had not been madly in love, he wouldn’t have taken the crazy domestic risks involved in the following text.

Some rods are like chicks… you fall in love with them at the first sight! So it couldn’t be better: a red rod! I was quite tired of the brunettes!

She’s got everything to please me, she’s beautiful, tall, sharp, slender, light, easy to handle… and red! Well to say the least, she’s very coquettish and may have been a little heavy-handed on the varnish… french manucure doesn’t fit well to everyone, but I find her very pretty with it! Though I agree with Laurent, thinking that she might have been lighter without it, but to be frank, you won’t notice it while fishing and it doesn’t affect the balance of the rod.

Under its original and warm aspect, it hides a hot temperament, an ardour that can become quickly addictive! At the end of the day, when you can’t go any further, she’s still asking for more!

Though she’s a little authoritative (as far as I’m concerned, that’s what I like), it’s a hot blooded rod that will lead you (your fly) a little bit further. It has a real reserve of power and for casting addicts, you feel that she can reach awesome distances, but always with great softness and accuracy. I was seduced by how easy it is to roll cast, even at distances that I thought unreachable before!!! All this beacause of a great blank and the Konnetic technology. That’s this authoritative, powerful, but has a soft side that already pleased me with the One series.

As its name suggests, she’s a Sage [in French Sage means good, as in good girl], but she had a little naughty side… I love, when I’m getting ready to fish, the sexy way I slide her out of the tube, then take off its clothes, discovering its butt,, then tightening the rings and I caress its cork grip, still not daring to imagine what you will look at when she will be totally naked…

I had the luck to test it for a long time and in many different conditions, and I must admit she’s more suited to long distance fishing than to fishing under the rod. For sight fishing or at short distance, the stiffness of the rod needs some tuning of your usual fishing style, to be able to drop your nymph where you want to. But with patience and « Method » you can manage to do wathever you like with your fly!

Its soft stiffenes is an advantage with a big fish on. The blank allows to control the head shaking and rushes while keeping an indispensible tension on the line, even with thin tippets.

I’ve tested it with a Rio Gold #5 line (perfect), but you can overline it for an easier load.

Its stiffness and authority may not fit every fly fisherman, but as for girls, when you find the One, you won’t let her go! And with the life guarantee of Sage products, you can be sure that she will stay with you for a long time! With honesty, I think I have found the rod of my life… Even though she’s not the One (we know ourselves, males…) I’m convinced that I found a loyal friend with whom I just want to share and practice my passion!!!