The 9p#5 Media team (who gave us their little piece of art shot in Ireland this summer) is coming back from the shooting of their last project, the Tuna Project, a movie on fly fishing the Mediterranean sea for that dynamite fish that makes fun of the large majority of rods and reels that dare getting too close to them… And we are truely happy because apparently, things went very well. And truely proud, because we did our best to help them on this project. Pierre and Nico give us their first impressions!


“Hi you Mouching readers!
The 9p # 5 Media team is back from few days filming in the Mediterranean sea with full of images in your head, as well as in your hard drives …. A favorable weather, active fish, and more importantly an outstanding guide Frederick Gori, and truly, this guy, we would highly recommend to you ! We decide to show you in preview some pictures of big fishs to make you wait and “hop up and down” to see our film, which will be done this winter, to warm you up …. So thank you Fred for your accurate tuna approaches, thank to you folks at Costa and T.O.F. Flyfishing for the necessary gear , and thanks a lot the Mouching guys for supporting us, you are truly good ! Now wait … and if the Mouching readers ask us, we can even cook up a film trailer soon, to get you into the swing !”
Pierre & Nico from 9p#5″
Did you hear that? C’mon everybody, alltogether!!! tea-sers!!!! tea-sers!!!! tea-sers!!!!