The best gift for all smokers, that is now going to be a must! I have one that I have been carrying round the world on any fishing trip always filled with Partagas 898, or Punch de Punch, sometimes Partagas D4 and Romeo y Julietta Chuchills. There is always a reason to light one, the main one is the taste and the pleasure, the second might be to celebrate! But soon, you’re going to ba able to load your humidor with Cuban cigars, personaly, I carry them with a Simms humidor! There is also one with Derek De Young painting, but my advise is get them if you can because they are not on Simms website anymore, does it means they will not sell them anymore? Some retailers still have some in stock!  Otherwise Sage is selling the same one in one colour but they are probabbly made in the same place, you can stash up to 6 cigars in the tube depending of the ones you smoke, the inside is in Cedar, and there is an humidicator on the top of the tube.