LA Style, Notorious Thugs by Notorious B.IG for Notorious Carp. There ain’t nothing better to suite that film! When there ain’t no trout around, gotta do what you gotta do to have fun, no matter where! LA River, Ca.

Carp rules!

Turn the sound UP !

I partnered up with a really cool gal I met and we went on a road trip to Los Angeles, CA. Devon was going for a Fitness Expo, and I was going to carp with a couple dudes I knew from the internet. Matus Sobolic (Instagram – @CaliCarpin) is someone I had always admired and knew was just a total Carp Boss in every way. I also had known Andrew for probably about a year through FB and Fishing chatter and wanted to fish with him too. Andrew had gone up and fished with some of my Idaho friends the summer before and had a good time. Anyways, we met up in the morning and I got the tour til around noon. Andrew and Matus had to bail and I stuck around. I tried to learn as much as I could, but had a tough time in the beginning. New water is like that. I saw some very nice fish. Some the size of my leg almost. After the guys left, I landed my first one in the rain, but my Go Pro was dead. I came back the next morning for a couple hours before heading back to Phoenix, and tried to find the same big schools fish. It seemed eerily barren and I couldn’t spot any even though the sun was out. Devon (my partner in crime) was tagging along and she was done after an hour… hahaa (girls) and had made her way back to the car. I lagged back, wanting that one fish…. and I got it. :)