Red Flower Cap MouchingJAmes Stewart aka Afro soul DescargaAs the season goes on and the pressure goes up, we all (I’m talking about tropical anglers) get excited, specialy us, here at Le Mouching office, we’re getting ready for our Bahamean Hosted Trip! In a couple of month we’ll be casting a big bones and hopefully we’ll try our luck with the numerous permits of Crooked Island, but whe I’m saying we’re getting ready I’m not only talking about our gear and flies, I’m also talking about the spirit! And to warm us up in the middle of this winter’s cold, there is nothing better than this fantastica  James Stewart’mixtape from RTU radio : Kon Tiki! Nearly two hours of sweat and rythm! Bring your friends over, turn down the light turn up the sound, this is made to be LOUD! Listen the mixtape HERE, and don’t forget if you want to download it, it’s THERE !


1-Tito Puente-Tito On Timbales
2-Julio Gutierrez Cuban Jam Session-Theme on mambo
3-Julio Gutierrez Cuban Jam Session-Cimarron
4-Bobby Montez-Kon tiki
5-Étoile De Dakar-Mane Kouma Xol
6-Super Eagles-Aliou Gori-Mami
7-Super Mama Djombo-Dissan Na M’Bera
8-Unknown (analog africa hidden track)
9-Dioniso Rocha-Lemba
10-Hallelujah Chicken Run Band-Ngoma Yarira
11-Hallelujah Chicken Run Band-Tamba Zimba Navashe
12-Thomas Mapfumo-Shumba
13-The Mgababa Queens-Maphuthi
14-Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou-Mawa Mon Nou Mio
15-Segun Bucknor-Smoke
16-Jabula-Ithumeleng-Ba Mamelodi
17-Mulatu Astatqué & The Heliocentrics-Mulatu
18-Carlos Garnett-Taurus woman
19-Sabu Martinez-Bernt
20-Francis Bebey-Sanza Tristesse
21-Ebenezer Obey-Ajoyio