The best of the best, the crème de la crème of Lapland blades, the kind that would make any Central-American machete jaleous for it’s so strong, a perfect grip for the hand. Hold this knife and you are in the middle of reindeer country, Santa Clausland, home of the big fat grayling, Lapland! This knife will turn you intstantly into a Sami. It’s hard to find better than this. In Lapland this knife is your best friend, when you get hungry while fishing, you don’t need to take a picnic with you, just salt and peppar, you cut some birch bark to light your fire, just pick up some dry sticks (it’s so cold in winter they are everywhere) to make embers, You catch a couple of graylings, you clean them with your blade, you use it too to carve a plate of wood, you grill your fish, use your knife as a fork, peal an apple and off fishing you go again! That’s why the Marttiini Lynx, is the best!