A tear, just a tear goind down, there, where the eyes wrinlke. A tear that goes slowly down as a hand woudl carress, brushing the nose, warm and solitary, she roles down following a natural path. Tight, the throat is tight and hardly let the air breath, the chest compresses a sigh so it doesnt come to trouble the song. The back starts to chiver, a chiver that goes up the spine, than the neck where it will go to the eyes,that shivering feeling and than releases another tear that will follow the same path as the previous one.

The ear glued to an old radio, so nobody else could hear it, Petra is listening to the radio show from Sarah Vaughan at Berliner Jazztage on Voice of America, dreaming of freedom, wishing she could be over the wall, among all the others, over the barbed wires, dogs and patrols, and that the only spotlights would be the ones lightening the stage. But the wall is dividing the world in two inequal parts.

That very same night, in Rome, in a screening room at Cinecitta, Luciano Visconti was showing for the first time ever “The Damned” and Dirk Bogart and Helmut Berger would cry too.

Meanwhile, Denis Hopper and Peter Fonda are having a laugh at the slap they gave the world with Easy Rider.

1969, what a year. What ever happened to Petra, the young German?

Here’s for all the ones who didn’t go fishing, the whole concert.