Le mouching, fly fishing, OderI would bet my right hand that few of you have passed your fishing vacations at Krosno Odrzanskie.

Never the less, if there’s one place in the world of barbares where I would like to wet my line, it is certainly Krosno Odrzanskie and the reason is quite simple.

A river runs through the middle of this charming village, the Oder, to be exact; the river also serves as the border between Germany and Poland. Well that’s nothing to laugh about you might say with a note of impatience in your voice. Just wait a minute my friends, I’m getting there.

Frolicking in this river, besides the charming native blondes, are Catfish that, in terms of size and weight, would make the most obese citizens of Oklahoma seem like anorexic mosquitos.

Here’s something to think about, one of these Catfish was recently caught by two polish fishermen Alfons Brzozowski and Marek Zdanowicz (god, these names are difficult to write!); the Catfish in question measured 12 feet long and weighed 413 pounds.Le mouching, fly fishing, cat fish

And when the two sympathetic fishermen, with understandable curiosity, opened the stomach of the monster, they were overcome with an immense nausea by a surprising discovery. In the organs of the afore mentioned Catfish floated the fragments of human bones and an old Nazi insignia dating from the era of German infamy.catfish2

The two rascals quickly got themselves to the nearest police station so that an investigation could be conducted. The inquiry determined that the fish was probably 90 to 110 years of age and that the bones belonged to an SS officer killed during the German occupation of Poland. Impossible however to determine if the bastard was killed by that Catfish (certainly an underground resistant fighter!); or if he was ingested after having been killed.

Le mouching, fly fishing, insigneIn any case, if you are desirous of fishing in this river, be careful because in 2009 a friend of said Catfish, himself weighing 220 lb., almost drowned a clumsy fisherman who allowed his line to encircle his left leg; he narrowly escaped death by drowning.

I know perfectly well, dear readers, that a number of you are thinking right now: “Yet again another dumb story freshly concocted in the twisted brain of our servant!” Well you are entirely mistaken. This story is absolutely true. But once doesn’t make it a habit !Le mouching, fly fishing, noyade