LeFto Honey for your earsIt starts lively with Mocky’s new hit “Tomorrow Maker” and than it takes you in an half asleep mood, a prefect mitape going from cool jazz fusion to deep soul, at hip hop and modern funk, this mixtape from LeFto is like honey to your ears, the kind of soundtrack that you can listen while tying up your flies or your girlfriend if you’re feeling naughty. But it’s also ideal to have nap in between to palm trees, lively enough not to fall asleep. It’s night time? Turn down the light and dance, it hot! Darn hot! And to download, don’t forget to go THERE.


10.moon by  nosaj thing
15.mylife by  knxwledge
24.jeru by  fyi chris
27.mach by turka
28.oooh na na by 79rs gang
29.gosh by jamie XX