What could be the definition of a junkie? The easiest one would be “doing anything to go fishing, no matter what, regardless of the consequences in your life”! So now let me ask you: have you ever put your fishing before your family, friends, work, social responsabilities? Have you lied, manipulated, made you rway, to go fishing? Are you craving for that moment when you’ll have a strike, for that special feeling of being in the water no matter what”? If you can answer “YES” to one of these questions, you have a fishing addiction problem and if you can answer YES specialy to Salmon fishng, than, I am sorry to tell you, “you are a Salmon Junkie”! Therefore this film is for you ! You can click HERE to watch the whole movie! This is just the trailer, and by showing it to you I feel like a “pusher”, giving you a little for free so you’ll buy the film, you junkie! [vimeo https://vimeo.com/127248720]