Eddy Louis, for all the jazz fans, you know who we are talking about, for all the others, we just want to let you know that today we’ve lost one of the best jazz organ players. Eddy Louis was first spotted in the heart of the beat of Saint Germain de Prés in the mid sixties in the swinging Paris, home of jazz musicians from all around the world, mainly because there was no segregation and freedom was within reach. So Eddy strated with Les Doubles Six, the famous a singer’s french band who would make all the jazz standards, theirs! Than Eddy played with all the greatest such as in this peace, Dum Dum, with Stan Getz, René Thomas and Bernard Lubat. Later he became an icon for all the jazz scene of the 70’s leading the way in a more funky/new orleans style. Bye bye Eddy.