I build my rods, because it makes them special. Just like a fly you tied, a rod you built is yours in a very particular sense. It will have features that are just what you like, and it will have defects that will make you mad, but that you’ll cherish, because they are the witnesses of your hands at work. You can build rods for many reasons, but the only one which really counts is: because fishing your rod will give you more pleasure. Believe me, it will.

The last from my bench is a Rainshadow REV9010-4. A beautiful silky black blank, with a very powerful lower half, and that sweet mid-flex action that you want to cast all day long the huge streamers one uses to catch pike. I’ve pushed it and used it the best part of a week. It’s a pleasure for most of the day, and it stays very fishable even when you’re past your arm’s confort zone. As for the fight… I’ll let my face speak for me.