I was in my late teens. Of course, I knew Fight for your Right and the hilarious clip, but I had no idea who the Beastie Boys really were. Then I bought Check your head, almost by chance, and the thing punched me in the face. It was like everything I loved in hip-hop, funk, jazz, punk had fused into one big hot sauce. Three MCees and one DJ… The scratch by DJ Hurricane was simply crazy like nothing I’ve heard before. Fast forward a couple of years and it was Sabotage, it’s meaty riff and the incredible videoclip directed by Spike Jonze, smart ass and fun, almost prophetic of Tarantino and his fascination for cliché action. Later Mix Master Mike would come and redefine what a turntable is, then the Hello Nasty years, and many more memories. All in all, down to that sad day in 2012 when MCA died and put an end to the trajectory, the BBoyz had been in my musical life for 25 years.

Doc Delay mixed the Beastie Boys in a tribute that will certainly make you move like crazy. Pump up that volume and go hear it there : click!!