Here’s to all of us who thought that fly fishing was only in crystal clear water with wild trout jumping on sunset with a view of the wilderness in the background! Here’s to all of us who just want to have fun, because fly fihsing is about having fun, at least that’s how we see it at Le Mouching! So if you are not in the Rockies or Scandinavia if you have an urge to flyfish, I’m sure there is a canal, a lake, a marsh , a pound whatever water you’ll find with a carp waiting for you! Carp Rules ! Kameron Brown, you rock!


Story goes……. packed my van, grabbed my dog Koa, picked up my bro, and headed out on a 60 day road trip around AMERICA. Here is a stop we made in Louisiana that just about blew our minds….. I fished with an Orvis 3wt

Filled our bellies with BOUDIN and beer just shortly after…… and smelled like poo. I love America.