Now you can enjoy it! 9O Miles from World Angling is now available on vimeo on vod. Isn’t it the best time for all of you who haven’t had the chance to go to Cuba to see what it is really like to go fishing on this magical island, I’m pretty sure soon you’ll all be able to go. In the meantime enjoy that great film and if you want to go and fish the same locations, for your information, it has been shot in my favorite place in Cuba, Las Salinas de San Lazaro, not only the fishing is incredible but the guides arae awesome. You get there through Planet Fly Fishing, send them an email, they speak english! And if you want to read a full report on San Lazaro, it’s in this issue of Revive! But just to remind you that more than a film on fly fishing it is a film on how to protect what we have so our children would still be able to enjoy what we had.