Today is Fairy day on the Mouching. After a dive into the magic of the forest’s streams, it’s time to start preparing for pike’s season, that coming upon us fast. And here’s one jewel of a tying vid: Mister Niklaus Bauer of global pike fly tying fame shows us the tricks and treats of his own Jealous Fairy articulated streamer. Fantastic movement and colors are garanteed, and look at this head! Jim Henson would have hired it as a drummer for the Muppets on the spot, and Vivienne Westwood would have loved it for the catwalk.  And for a bonus, you get to hear Kevin MacLeod’s music. I love the bebop piece. This guy works like we do: for the greater good, and he believes like we do in the Creative Commons. You’re editing a fishing video? Go check what he’s got before doing something we’ll all regret!

Now it’s time to fetch a comb and tie a half a unicorn’s tail to a 9/0 hook…[vimeo=]