Usually I am very discreat about my life, about what’s going on inside of me, all of you people of the flyfishing world know the usual, I love fishing, I love outdoors and music, basically that’s it. So when I received that film Mend from Simon Perkins and watched Joey Maxim’s story it struck me. I felt that I had to share with you what you don’t know, not to get any attention but to be part of something, something bigger than us, something that we often see without really understanding what’s going on. I am not going to go onto details, but as Joey, fly fishing saved me, gave me hope, and and purpose to my life. Just make it that way. I was dead. when I woke up after a severe coma, they told me there was a very small chance that I would walk again, after a year in a wheelchair and more than 10 surgery a period of five years, I was able to walk again, and to fish and as you will see in Mend film, the recovery and the healing that flyfishing is giving back is more than just a physical therapy. It gives back hope, it gives a sense to your life, it heals. So I suggest you support their kickstarter project, because I know that in the fly fishing world, there is many fly fishermen an women who are healed by  flyfishing.