End-of-the-year celebrations are coming fast, together with their mandatory mass-consumption hysteria. For us fly fishermen, who are balls deep into rod / reels / waders / capes fetishes, it’s a good time of the year. We get to indulge, and, for once, others help us to do so. So for you my friends who are still immune to one of the wickedest forms of rod envy, here’s a little video to help you build a new and fortune-wrecking desire: a bamboo rod. I must warn you in advance that most of the sciencey mumbo-jumbo about cane being a “technical” material is just a big pile of whatever, even if — obviously — cane has characteristics of its own. I don’t think one should look into the tech specs to advocate bamboo as a rod building material. You want cane because of poetry, and I feel very sad each time I hear someone who feels compelled to disguise his heart’s own little madness as science junk. The only argument for a bamboo rod (and the mortgage you need to get it) is that it makes you happy, and it’s a very good one.