The Pyrenees, probably our favorite french moutain, so beautiful, so unic, so human. Human because you always feel the summit are reachables, not like the Alps who are majestic but too high, once you’re in the Pyrenees, you are closer to wilderness, the Alps are too fashionable, of course if you ski, there is less snow in the Pyrenees, but there is soul, we share the Pyrenees with Spain, Spain bring us a little je ne sais quoi, of wild, Spain has more bears, more wolfs, more fish than us, and yet, we don’t really feel there is a border. When you are from the Pyrenees, you say it with pride, with that very peculiar accent like honey, sand and rocks in your throat. Whether it’s the Basque Country, the High Pyrennees or the Catalan side, ther is something in common, the love of nature and the fantastic life that goies with it. This film is perfect. [vimeo] Thanks to Escapads