1 – Nubia

Region of southern Egypt, Nubia is a desert territory situated on the Red Sea. A choice destination for lovers of extreme destinations: dry and very warm climate, powerful fish, lunar landscapes … Nubia offer you a multitude of species such as kingfish, barracuda, triggerfish, grouper …


2 – Tasmania

Located in South Australia, this island is an Australian state with oceanic climate: ie mild, humid and rainy. The island, home to the famous Devil Tasmania, many lakes and rivers where trout size will (again) hit your life!


3 – Greece

Closer to home, Greece blew me away by the great variety of landscapes it offers. There seems to be a significant number of rivers profiles, which will be appreciated from the fishermen! And size of trout is not left out: the big fish seem well represented!


4 – Kamtchatka

When Felt Soul Media tells you to go to Kamtchatka, there’s a reason for it! This video is not new but to watch it still gives us the chills, we want to go, I don’t know about you, but we do!


5 – Brazil

Exotic destinations that come to mind are focused on sea? Bonefish? Trevally? What if you go to the Brazilian jungle track the peacock-bass! Geobass guys did, and it looks to be sport! Forget the comfort of the huts on the beach, and expect to find snakes and insects in your bed… But a 10 pounds peacock-bass worth it!