How far can we go? It’s always an adventure when we decide to go try to catch “the big ones” nobody can get close to, we drive, we hike, some of us even use choppers or planes to get to THE place nobody goes and to be sure that “I’m gonna cast that fish that has never seen a fly!”. Nowadays it’s a fly fisher’s dream, that’s why some trips are more exclusive than others. Because, although a lot of travel agents don’t want to aknowledge it, but real Luxe, is not having a fine whisky, seating in a leather couch after having had a exquisite meal with french wines and lighting a cigar, that’s “nouveau riche“. No, today luxe is fishing where no one else is fishing, real luxe is having no schedule, real luxe is of course having an exquisite diner with French wine and have a coffee with a Cuban Cigare, but who needs a lodge for that? Real luxe is feeling you’re the king of your river, I know, it hurts for all the ones that cannot find remote places  when they go fishing, but that river can be in your backyard. It’s just a matter of values, am I ready to pay a lot to go with 10 other fishermen in a lodge where everything is organized for me, with diner at 6:30 and a wake up call at 6, with an army of guides waaiting for us? Honestly, I don”t know, because what I want is adventure and no schedules. SO when I see these guys going down their river on rafts, to get “their” trout, I’m saying to myself: this is what I want! Gold Fever by  Mikey Wier will shown at IF4.