How we love those little streams where you have to tight your loop so you don’t feed the trees with you flies, how badly do we like to crawl in the bush. Where I’m from the river that runs down my garden is less than 3 meters wide, so when I see someone else fishing like that I love it, I don’t feel alone anymore. Casting on a small stream with the bush all around you and catching a trout is really rewarding, it makes you practice your casting skills to the highest poit. But everytime I also go “in the bush” I find myslef singing this song from the 80’s, “In the Bush” by a band called Musique, I can’t help it, that’s the way it is. In the bush!

Push, push in the bush X3

I like to do the things you like to do too
I like to do it, do it
I want to do the things you want to do too
So baby, let’s get to it, do it…