By the river, by the river, our dear friends from Hooké are meeting the most interesting people, fascinating charaters that have something in comon with you readers, they love their river, they love their freedom, they love they are attracted to something nobody else but us can understand, fihsing! And who else but our dear friends from Hooké are the best to share that with us? Here is Jean Philippe Tessier, your new best friend.

JP-TessierOver the last season, we traveled around Canada in search of the greatest fishing spots there are. On our way, we met with a ton of incredible characters; guides, fly fishers, fly tiers, artists, and diverse types of people that are as passionate as us about what they do. Until our TV show airs this spring on Unis, we will feature one of these inspiring character each week in our special “People We Met” video series. We met Jean-Philippe on the shores of the Bonaventure River, where he told us about how and why he became an Atlantic Salmon fishing guide. Featuring extracts from his show “J-P Tessier Live by Dump Pool” recorded on the last night of our shoot on the Grande Cascapédia, here is our friend J-P Tessier.


Et pour l’écouter encore, une demi heure au coin du feu : c’est par ICI