There’s cameras for everyone! You are going to ba able to choose between two waterproof cameras, but not from the same range, each of them being totaly diferent from specs to price!

Top of the range is the revolutionary brand new Leica X-U, state of the art that sets the standards to an higher level in the wterproof camera workd. you can dive with it, you can be in the cold (very cold) with it, you can burry it in the sand, you can drop it, and it’ll still be working fine, because that’s what it’s made for: adventure ! but adventure with class not only it looks great, and has this je ne sais quoi, from german design that instantly makes it look professional and tough, all the technical specs are the best, starting with the APSC-C 16 MP sensor added to the Summilux 23 mm f/1,7 (yes!) lens, which are going to give you the best picture quality you can get, of course this comes with a price and it’s going to be hard to find it cheaper than 3500$! But for that price you’ll have a tank, a lluxiry tank and you’ll also be able to shoot films! We like the idea of the flash on the lens to avoid shadows!

Than, more afordable or mainstream is the new Fuji Finepix XP90, whish is also waterproof and comes in a colouful choice of cases! Of course, it’s shockproof, you can ski, swim, dive (not too deep) with it, you can take it to the beach, put it in your kids hands with no fear, it has all the usual specs you find on those kind of cameras, but, but, but, you can use a remote with your phone and there is a special setting for timelapse ! On the other hand, the price is more affordable than the Leica above: around 250$  and it comes with a 28 (in 24X36 language) lens and a 16,4 MP CMOS sensor !