At Le Mouching, we carry a lot of gear and we beleive the best is what you need, there is of course several brands we would advise you to get, one of them being Patagonia. I started to wear Patagonia as a climber in Southern France in the mid eighties, and I’m still wearing Patagonia gear today, maybe because I’m used to the brand and that I don’t like changes, maybe because the products I use are really what I’m expecting from them. So here’s all the Patagonia gear we recommand you because we are actualy wearing or using it! One of the main reasons we are also using Patagonia gear, is because of its awesome customer service.


  • – The Capilene Midweight Zip-Neck, because it’s exactly what you want when it’ a little chilly, early spring, late fall, moutain fishing, it’s what you need, we like the zip neck for when it gets a little warmer. come in may colours, we use it as a second skin.





  • fleece
  • – The Fleece, all of Patagonia’s fleeces are great, now it depends if you want one when you go fishing in Spring or when you’re in BC in late October… just pick one you’ll be pleased to wear when you’re fishing or not.



  • R1field
  • – The Shirts, the new Patagonia R1 Field Shirt is awesome when you just want a shirt that keeps you marm, is versatile and will keep you really warm. Than for summer, or the flats, here’s what I wear, the long sleeved Sun Stretch Shirtit’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it of? so soft and pockets are big enough for your flies box!


  • nanopuff
  • – The Nano Puff Jacket, perfect for fall or early sprong weather or a night when camping or everyday when it’s cold, the big “plu” is that jacket is windproof and water-resistant, so it allows you to stay warm even when it’s raining and most important it can be damp and still protect you!


  • riogallegos
  • – The waders, I chose the Rio Gallegos Zip Front, one thing that changes everything, is the bootie, the merino wool lined bootie, that keeps your feet warm, it’s the ultimate thing that will make you fish longer than the others, when they’ll leave the river because they’re cold, you will still be casting an extra hour, m aybe the hour when you’ll catch that  fish! ANd the zip model, because it makes life easy, when you have several layers…
  • river&salt
  • – The Jacket, the 3 in 1 River Salt Jacket, probably the one you’ll buy and that you’ll use all year long, it’s a little expensive but it’s suitable for any weather condition, forget about getting another puff or fleece, this one is the one you’ll love. weather you fish in cold weather, in heavy spring or fall showers, in the light summer rain or to have it on a flat boat.


  • sunstretch
  • – On the flats,  if you’re not wearing the long sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt already, what you want to wear is the Tropic Comfort Crew II (we prefer it to the hoody one, but, it’s really up to you), the gentle breeze will cool you down and you’ll be comfortable under the sun an mainly very well protected for the rays…


  • Stealth-Fly-Fishing-Hip
  • – The Bag,  the Stormfront Pack is what we want, you stash whatever you want in it and it is really waterproof ! You can blow it with air and use it as a pillow or a floating device. you can stash dry gear in it, it’ll stay dry. We like the hip pack too, I don’t like to carry a vest, i prefer to have my flybox in my shirt, and extra gear in my hip pack.  The ultimate one is the Stealth Fly Fishing Hip, but if you feel that your gear might get wet because you’re wading too much, chose the Stormfront one!
  • flatbootie
  • – I  wear them every time on the flats, the Neoprene flats booties, I just love them. They are like being bearfoot and yet they protect you enough to walk the sandy flats.
  • And you know what’s awesome with Patagonia? They make gear for fly fishing women too!