We don’t need to introduce our Belgians cousins from Rodtrip, do we? Usually they take us on a trip to Irlande or Netherlands, for pike, but this time they went up North, to what seems to be the place to go I’m calling Denmark, land of good food, nice people, amazing beaches and, and Sea Trout! Denmark is like a magnet for a lot of European fly fishers, the population of sea trout is amazing and fun to catch! But tha’ not all, you will enjoy, eating out in one of the hundreds of small restaurants, especially on the week end, but if you”r planning big there are some exquisit places in COpenhagen, but it might be the same price as a fishing trip, if you can get a seat!  We strongly suggest you read the whole article of their adventure on their blog and if you are around, come and meet them at the Belgium Fly Show in Charleroi! Skål!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/152610019]