Our friend Nacho Heredero is an obsessed man. For some it’s women’s legs, other desperately search for the ultimate interpretation of Wagner’s Meistersinger, some are even into vintage glass fly rods. Nacho is a streamer man, that’s what makes him tick. He’s been tying them for a long time, and became very serious about it a couple of years ago. A passion, an obsession actually, that finally earned him to be part of the Deer Creek Pro Team. And man, when you look at what he does, you can feel the absolute dedication to perfection. What a beauty! I just wish I had a handful of those last week, when the pikes kicked our asses in Normandy… His site not only has a shop but also a blog and I’m sure you can contact Nacho to havecustom flies specialy made for you!. There’s candy for every fish.