Carhaix Fly Fishing Show (Brittany), for those who know, it’s the kind of the appointment we are all waiting for. This is an opportunity to see all the new gear available. And the bi-annual rhythm is perfect, neither too long nor too short!

So it was the last 20th and 21th of February that held the unique fly fishing event of Brittany.  I arrived around 1:00pm on site. Later than I was expecting… Why? The Rise Festival which was held in Auray the day before and that kept us up late at night. Another event you can’t miss in Brittany!

The first booth I visited was Launstorfer rods builder. The beautiful material for those wishing to build their future rod! Bamboo models are amazing. Beautiful blank, very well polished! Further, I fall on an excellent maker of wooden landing nets: Au Bois Pêchant. Landing nets with different wood alliances and a flawless finish. I was able to talk with Jean Michel, the craftsman, on his methods and his passion. This gentleman is really open to discussion! Do not hesitate to contact him!

Short visit at the M Le Fevre booth, where I let a good stash of money for books and tying gear! I even bought a display flask Muciline! The famous product “for men who fish dry”… A find which sits proudly in the middle of my old english fly box. Then, I went to Ardent Flyfishing, where I had the opportunity to test the Sage Motive line 8. I think it will replace my current line 9! I also tried the new Bolt, still from Sage, and this is awesome! What an action my friends…

It is on the same booth as I could talk with Franck Ripault on his famous flies, incredibly realistic, shrimp, crabs all loking alive! He explained the steps to tie them up, and I think I’ll be able to be ready for seabass season.

I also spent a good part of the day to admire the work of Marc Petitjean. Its products, beautiful and functional, but also his skill behind the vice. A quick but informative exchange with him, and I know handle better than ever his coil holder (great to make dubbings third without tools).

I forget a lot, but I really had a great time at this show. News everywhere, passionate people who share and the presence of fishing federations who focus fuse! This show is a date not to be missed! See you in 2018!