The shop front didn’t look like much. And with my buddy, we were aching for a cold beer, the one that rinses all the sun of the day passed. It was hot that day. Fishes? Caught enough to make us smile, missed enough to make us retell the fishing around a few drinks. And we’ll recreate the world after that, and we’ll see in the morning if it has changed. Those were our intentions as we were unbuckling our waders getting out of the car and throwing on a clean pair of pants and shoes on the parking lot in front of the bar.

Inside it was something else entirely or exactly what we needed. I even believe that it cured our addiction problem. Like we got cold and we had to warm up with dancing and blues. We had our lot, believe me… In the morning, my friend and I got back to fishing in our car. And we delighted ourselves with souvenirs, the ones to come, and the present also.