Do you miss them? Yes, do you miss those summer days with endless evenings, when the river has no ripple, when  the grass is fat and deep green, and the air so thick, when the caddis flies are falling into the river and trying to swim accros, when you sopt a trout feeding and taht it’s feeding again and again on the same place, and you crawl in the high grass, hiding not to be seen and you cast. So you miss those days? I do. Look at that film it’s amazing, everything is perfect, the sound, the music, the emage, the pace, the kid is using a tenkara rod the same way we used our bambou rods as kids, with a real hopper at the end in the little stream back in my French moutains, Aubrac. Have you seen that fish!? If only I could have a tenth of the joy that kid is feeling right now, I’ll be so happy. Wouldn’t you?