Fly fishing is a wonderful passion. Consuming. It pushes us all forward. It makes us accomplish amazing things. And we all live with the desire to be at the water’s edge, constantly.

30 Reasons is a project directed by the film maker Berthold Baule and the fisherman Martin Clemm. Martin is passionate about fly fishing. At the age of thirty, he broke his neck, and he now lives in a wheelchair and has lost the use of his fingers and has limited mobility in his arms. He had to fight to survive. So one would have thought that fly fishing was mocked of the life of this man but it was not counting on the man’s strength to go through with his passion. It was impossible to say goodbye to cast, flies and fish.

And after 15 years of struggle to be able to hold a rod in his hands, he came into contact with a company specializing in silicone which achieved a prosthesis for her lost her gestures. See the magic! This story really touched me, and I can not wait to watch the entire movie.