Farquhar, Seychelles, how many of us have dreamed that one day they’ll go to this remote Isalnd to double haul their lines to catch some mighty GT’s or Bonefish big as Maloya’s dancer’s leg? Who havent had once the idea that one day, maybe they would like to go to paradise where the breeze makes the palm trees dance, where the water is warm and the fish plenty? We rae sad to announce you that if you ever had that dream to come to Farquhar to acheive that goal, it might be over. Fantala, Fantala, Fantala, dear Fantala, mighty Fantala, what have you done? What made you become the strongest hurricane ever in the Seychelles, with winds up to 185 miles/h, why did you have to go over those islands and as if it was not enough you had to come around twice?  Everything on the island is gone, the palm trees that once provided shade and shelter are gone, and the lodge doesn’t exist anymore. Fantala took everything away. We don’t even know if we’ll ever go back fishing or go fishing to the island since the rumor says that the IDC (Aisland’s authority) want to turn the island in a natural reserve. Fantala, what have you done!