Last week, we present the first episode of The Field Coffee Diary. This series by our friend Rolf Nylinder plunges us into the incredible nature of northern Sweden. This new episode is called “From The Begining”.

This week we’re back at the edge of the Fiskonbäcken to catch trout. And it is again with beautiful plans, rises and hatch we dream to fish. One again, Rolf chose to tell a story. And it is in searching of big sea trout at the beginning of the season that takes us in the company of Emil Westrin, a bearded class dripping. And do you seen this hatch? Furthermore in an incredible landscape where the river seems to come directly from the snow.

So, once again, Rolf made me dream. Each video, regardless of its length, made by Rolf is a success and that’s why we love him so much at Le Mouching.