Wowowow ! When it comes down to Tarpon I get shivers, I’m so excited. It’s probably my favorite sport’s fish, it reminds me when I was catching calfs at the farm, so much energy! So much fun! And no matter what some purists will tell you, you don’t have to be a great flyfisherman to fish them, all you have to learn is cast and retreive at the right pace. Than it’s not in your hands, the normal ratio is for ten tarpon hooked you’ll bring one or two to the boat! And maybe that’s why it’s so much fun to catch them, when you see them jumping out the water like siler torpedos! There ar a few films that I rerally like in fly fishing and two of them are related to Tarpon! First there is Tarpon by Guy de la Valdene with Jim Harrison, RIchard Brautigan and Tom McGuane, set in Key West in the late 70’s and there is Tapam form our friend Daniel Göz, shot in Nicaragua, and that’s where you’re going now! A hell of a film, five minutes of beauty, whith amazing fish, beautiful light and awesome music! Anyway any film who uses Irène by Rodrigo Amarante is a great film! Enjoy those five minutes of pure bliss!