The Kid from Minneapolis went his way, one more on an already quite long list… Hey 2016, give us a break will you?

Prince, Love Symbol, The Artist formerly known as… We would laugh at the guy’s antics. And regret the good ole times back in the eighties when he was producing the soundtrack of our highschool life. In the parties, you’d better not miss Purple Rain, it was your ticket for a ride if you could play it right. And the nervous funk of Sign O the Times, my all time favorite. And he was the king of the sleazy videoclips, dancing on high heels and with a fashion sense absolutely flawless. Sheer excess under control. Not to mention the guitar… Even the great Miles was impressed by his gifts, and he wasn’t exactly a nice guy with fellow musicians.

C’mon, let’s watch a vid. The cream… Who, who on earth can deal with such a carnival without sinking in ridicule, I ask you? Sh*t, we’re all orphans, once again.[youtube=]