Alphonse, Seychelles, all salt water fly fishermen know what we’re talking about, all of them, the ones who can stand being hammered under the sun for hours, the ones who get a jolt from setting the hook in one of those fish rushing like torpedos on the flats, the ones casting shrimps, crabs or poppers to the mighty salt water fish. All of you have shinny eyes when we mention Alphonse, should we say Paradise instead? Xanadu? Yes, that is what it’s like, paradise for the salt water fly fishing! Of course it’s not an easy trip, first, it’s far and because it’s exclusive, it’s expensive, but, hey, no junkie looks at the price of his dope when he needs it… and what are we but fishing addicts, so this is our drug! Watch the entire film, even if you don’t fly fish in salt, it’ll give you a good idea of what it’s all about!