Few days ago, a friend sent me two photos. Two huge pike. Caught with lures, certainly, but these fish were so huge (you recognize yourself dude). Anyway, it rekindled a flame into me. That to get huge pike in my hands one more time! Suffering again the violence of his attack!

So, this issue of the fly tying minute will be dedicated to big pike streamers! I have selected three movies that you can view below! Three feather duster of at least 20 centimeters that will move water and that will make up the monsters of our lakes and rivers.

Articulated DeliveryMan – Andreas Andersson

A large articulated duster! That’s what I like! Swimming and a fairly skewed more. All it takes to upset our esox friends! Tying is rather more accessible! Subject find all the materials used by Andreas …


Steve Potter: Dahlberg Diver

Diver is widely used in the hunt for big predators such as pike and black-bass. This video explains well the cutting of the head! So take your razors … The method to obtain a round head is perfectly explained: it is widely bends the arc blade and advance … Simply!


Fire Perch – Emma Lindgren

How to mention pike streamers without talking tying on tubes? The Fire Perch of Emma Lindgren is really big! Still a huge feather duster that will be very effective late in the season when you hate to make move large fish.


You now have what challenge your buddies equipped lures non-standard of 300g! I have one and he will recognize…