Since we’ve destroyed most of France’s salmon rivers, when we want to target migratory fish  Alosa Alosa is our partner of choice. Of course, it’s no steelhead, but they are a little like our own chrome : migratory fish you eagerly wait for. They’re spring run, and they’re back from the sea right now! Old and wise men from the river banks do not expect the season to be fantastic, at least in Brittany and Normandy. Anyway, I know these guys, always pessimistic, still always a rod in hand. Simon, as I’m writing this, is driving towards the Blavet to chase them. I’ll try to make it happen for me this week-end too, and definitely will be on Normandy’s sweet spots the next week-end, hoping to put some good bend in my trusty 6 wt. So I thought: let’s have a look at the flies. This one I know first hand is a good one. It’s called Blavose, a name smelling of Brittany and portmanteau. Remember to have black and orange too in your fly box, and especially a good range of weights: many say that depth is more important than pattern, and I believe that.[youtube=]