It’s time ! The time to make the ultimate fly that will make May. As it did with your parents and grandparents. It is the most famous fly and most representative of our religion. It is the beauty of the insect and make trout are waiting as we are.

The mayfly is the most famous fly for fishermen (and I know I’m right while saying that). It is the reference of the beginning of the season until the beginning of summer. Ephemera Danica is beautiful and often gives awesome imitations. So I searched for you THE much fun editing. A video not too old it will not be a repetition and then I came across a tutorial from the famous Davie McPhail. If you are interested a little by fly tying and you look for ideas on the web you’ve watched a video of this editor. And there is a mayfly which immediately caught the eye! Deer! I love this hair up on my caddis! So you can imagine that for a mayfly… Your turn!