Split bamboo canes have always fascinated me. The object itself is a rare beauty, and the stories that revolve around are always interesting to read.

Since a few months I am very interested in the material of our parents and grandparents. Automatic reels and bamboo fly rods are in my favorite searches! And often my research lead me to great discoveries. This is an event of the cane factor which I will speak now!

jacobJacob Palmborg is a Swedish fly fisherman living in California. And this guy has an incredible talent for making me dream. Its canes are beautiful. They respect what I like in a bamboo rods: refined with a fiery color! The color of the bamboo has this magical side that we recognize them by far at the waterfront. And where it’s beautiful, it’s that nothing impedes that color. No color ligature breaks the continuity of bamboo. Jacob canes highlight the naturalness of the material. His Instagram account perfectly puts forward his work. Awesome pictures in very classes atmospheres. Careful branding that makes his work even more incredible!





Count $1,100 for a two strands and $1300 for a three strands starting price. It’s not cheap, but it’s the price to pay for a handmade fly rod made by a craftsman who tries hard so that his product is as clean as possible! You can admire the work of Jacob on his website or on Instagram: @J_PALMBORG.