An incredible idea has just crossed my mind, and I am already writing this just for you! Not having the time to perform editing tutorials (although I swear I dream), I start tonight a program that will appeal to the most strenuous fly tyers as casual feathers twisters. The idea is simple: every week I select for you three fly tying tutorials that I will have selected. You will soon see that according to fly tying tutorials, there is a mess on Youtube and Vimeo! I’ll try to vary the pleasures, but I may often return to the same flies: CRABS FUCK! So please tell me in the comments or on Facebook what kind of flies you would like to see!

Predator fly for Golden Dorado fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

I love this guy! His videos are always accompanied by THE ultimate song to tie. And in this video, Ruben offers to us a streamer for dorado that is sure to please pike, catfish, bars and any other fish that eat up other fish. A simple but extremely effective in rendering assembly!


Fly Tying Caddisfly | Hackles & Wings

Personally I fish a lot with caddis! Scorff (french river) trout rise above without worrying too much about anything… So I do not deprive myself! The following video immediately hit in the eye! The realism of the beast is amazing. The model requires a certain level, but the final rendering worth the shot to break the head.


Boehm’s Gurgler

Gurglers … A long love story between them and all predators on the planet! What I like in this fly is its ratio between efficiency and rudeness! A magnet for seabass. The model in question, however, will instead be tied off largemouth to the bass and pike fishing for all strength among the lilies.