Dammit, it’s really a crappy weekend. The reverse of the last weekend: the ocean has become this great and vast desert which we all feel when nothing bites. Well here is exactly that. My flies have spent their time in the water this weekend. Nothing worked: total empty-handed. It happens…

Well, what better idea for a good shit weekend than watching fly tying video?

Tying a CDC Yellow May Dun by Davie McPhail

An essential classic. Here perfectly realized by the famous Davie McPhail! A fly that you will find until the end of June everywhere!


Fly Tying a Hemingway Hopper Attractor with Jim Misiura

I confess, I never had the courage to tie these flies. Grasshoppers. I always bought them. For the simple reason that I have ever wanted to ride them. I do not know why ! Fear of the challenge? Lazyness? Who knows…


Tying a Snake Fly by AndyPandy

An articulated original fly, that is sure to please the largemouth-bass! I imagine also quite well this flies in the sea, around the parks to play with the vigilance of the seabass who ambushed them in the up!