Wowowow… what just happened? Did we miss something? We all got a hanover this morning. England is out?! No not from the football cup but from good old Europe! This is a bomb! We are so disapointed, it is indeed a real hangover. I don’t even know what to get, English or continental breakfast? What is going to happen, for the commerce it’s going to be tough, even if of course some agreements will probably make things easyer. But there is a strange taste in my mouth. When I think of the years we tried to build a strong Europe and now it’s crumbling. I might understand the fear, I might understand being an islander. But it doesn’t match with reality. And it’s funnny how the word Insular has several meanings:  narrow-minded or illiberal, provincial. And also detached, standing alone, isolated. I hope we can still go fly fishing those amazing chalkstreams. Where was I ? Oh, yes: English Breakfast or Continenta Brexit?