What a bitter taste in the mouth this morning, we all woke up with sorrow, we thought of our friends from Nice, who are safe, and mainly to all the families who are in grief and pain. There are no words. We won’t go fishing today. This mixtape was scheduled for tomorrow, we post it today. Just for “them” to know, nothing will stop us, nothing will stop the way we live, the freedom we love, the art and music we cherish. It’s not a day to dance, but our answer is “you won’t stop us” our answer “we will still be dancing, enjoying life, and be who we are”. All our thoughts to Nice and the families who are in pain.

Save that mixtape for later. And if you are sad, it might cheer you up. Nice has always been a town of joy, dance, freedom and music. Thanks to ParisDJ.



Tracklisting :

01. Houston Person – I No Get Eye For Back
(from ‘Harmony’ album, 1977 / Mercury)
FELA KUTI cover, more info on wikipedia

02. Paul Zaza – Le Payback (Instrumental)
(from ‘Le Payback’ album, 1977 / Baby Grand)
JAMES BROWN cover, more info on wikipedia

03. Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns feat. Maceo Parker – Up For The Down Stroke
(from ‘A Blow For Me, A Toot To You’ album, 1977 / Atlantic)
PARLIAMENT cover, more info on wikipedia

04. Mandré – Money (That’s What I Want)
(from ‘Mandré’ album, 1977 / Motown)
BARRETT STRONG cover, more info on wikipedia

05. Rosebud – Money
(from ‘Discoballs: A Tribute to Pink Floyd’ album, 1977 / Flarenasch)
PINK FLOYD cover, more info on wikipedia

06. Patti Labelle – Funky Music
(from ‘Patti Labelle’ album, 1977 / Epic)
EDWIN STARR cover, more info on wikipedia

07. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Everybody’s Talkin’
(from ‘Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto’ compilation, 1977 / Philadelphia International)
FRED NEIL cover, more info on wikipedia

08. Caetano Veloso – Olha o Menino
(from ‘Bicho’ album, 1977 / Philips)
JORGE BEN cover, more info on wikipedia

09. U-Roy – Babylon River
(from ‘Brent Dowe – Rivers Of Babylon’ 12 inch, 1977 / TR Groovemaster)
THE MELODIANS cover, more info on wikipedia

10. Philly Rollers – Strawberry Letter 23
(from ‘Super Soul’ album, 1977 / Springboard)
SHUGGIE OTIS cover, more info on wikipedia

11Biddu & The Orchestra – Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon
(from ‘Eastern Man’ album, 1977 / Epic)
NEIL DIAMOND cover, more info on wikipedia

12. Eddie Hazel – California Dreamin’
(from ‘Games, Dames, And Guitar Thangs’ album, 1977 / Warner Bros.)
THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS cover, more info on wikipedia

Total time : 56mn 23s

Credits :
Selected by Djouls (parisdjs.com)
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (grantphabao.com)
Artwork by Ben Hito (facebook.com/benhito)