First corridors noises and statements orally from the mouth of my friends, it’s official: if you have a habit of poaching the salmon in Britain during the dry months of summer, you are in trouble!

ONEMA, water police, decided to address these preachers of filth and pin them directly on the water. And it works, because the local journal recounting August 8 “capture” one of those poachers. Up to €22500 fine, confiscation of equipment and car… It’s Claudy that will be happy! I am very pleased that salmon fishing is very controlled. I am interested in this practice for some time now, and I’m quite surprised how many fishermen are on the water for it. Now friends also told me a lot of excess and fraud, and ONEMA be on a war footing to stop bad guys really makes me happy. Keep it up guys!

We condemn in the strongest terms these acts at Le Mouching. In fact, when he heard this story, Cyril was completely mad. He went to buy 10 kilos of feathers, he stoles 50 kilos of tar and is quietly waiting for you at the water’s edge.


So the only way to go to meet our charming Breton salmon in late summer, is to buy the large migratory stamp and tye Allys Shrimp as Ally Gowans ride them! And that’s all ! And if you’re in Finistère next week to track down the salmon, contact me and we’ll go drink a pint together!