Dear Mouchingoz, dear readers, lovers of eccentric news and great outdoors

We are proud to present to you the first episode of a serie we called “…of the week”! You will find, every sathurday, the finest that captivated our attention during the past week. There are no specific topic, but you can be sure you’ll find here, the best of the best! From a music video, to a sandwich recipe, or a car, even the most comfortable underwear! Well, you’ll get it, everything we love at Le Mouching, but which is not necessarily fly fishing related. Here’s the first one, we hope you’ll enjoy it. 

We spared you the first 8 minutes, all you need to know is that the Velvet Ant aka Cow Killer is the most painfull ant you’ll ever come accross. How stupid can you be to test it? Well, thanks for the fun anyway, we won’t get close to that thing if we ever see one, that’s for sure ! Do you think we could tie the same pattern or the trout knows that this thing is mean?