How bad do we love our Opinel, you want to carry a piece of France with you? Buy an Opinel! It’s an awesome knife, every french kid had one, and as grown up we still do, you want oto go camping, cut saucisson, spread camembert or just cut a wooden stick to grill a kebab! But… event if with its famouse “virole” (security ring) it is an awesome knife, it has never been fisher friendly, dip it in the water, the blade will rust, the ring will block and the wood handle expand. But that was “before”!explore2Now the Opinel comes with a new model, the Explore! Just its name brings you confidence, the handle is made of  fibreglass-reinforced polyamide that makes it resistant to shcks and temperatures and also has a whistle, so useful for us, the outdoormen! The 10 cm blade wont’ rust anymore, it’s made with  Sandvik, which cuts like steel and is strong as carbon. And for those who really think they are the new Mc Gyver, there is also a “fire starter” along with a hook blade! The Opinel Explore comes in Orange or Green, for 39€ you might have to add shipping or maybe find a retailer in your country.explore1